How Posts are Created

As in most blogs, it is the blog owner/publisher who creates the posts you see on this blog.

Comments, which appear directly after a post are typically from readers of this blog. While we allow anybody to post a comment, we do check that what is being posted is indeed a valid comment and not spam. We will remove comments that are not appropriate . Go ahead and post your thoughts on what you read here because YOUR VOICE is what makes this blog interesting.

RSS Feeds

Newsreaders have been around for some time with everybody from Google to Microsoft strongly embracing this technology.

While the name, “Really Simple Syndication” makes it sound simple, it can be quite confusing for many who have not yet played with a newsreader.

There is a short video here that shows you how to add RSS feeds to your Microsoft Outlook 2007 e-mail client so that updates to this blog will show up in a convenient location for you. Watch the video now.

You can also use Google Newsreader, Newsgator, or any of literally hundreds of other RSS news readers you can find on the web. All of these are free to use and the technology continues to improve.

To subscribe to the RSS feeds on this web site, look for the links under the MENU heading on the right side of the home page.

You’ll see “Entries RSS” which allows you to subscribe the main posts being added to this blog, and you can also subscribe to the “Comments RSS” feed which allows you to see ONLY the comments our readers post to this blog.
Additional Help

If you need additional help with this blog, you can e-mail your questions to our support e-mail address.