Robert Imbriale

Robert Imbriale
Robert Imbriale

Robert Imbriale (pronounced: “Im-bree-ally”) is a world-class marketing consultant who has worked with professionals, large corporations, and individual business owners. His diverse
background includes more than 23 years of marketing and promotional experience covering everything from Internet marketing to broadcast television.

He is a skilled marketer, but that’s only a small part of who he is and what he brings to the table. He’s also a very talented coach, having studied under Tony Robbins for more than 7 years.

His understanding of human psychology has given him a unique advantage in the field of marketing which led to his publishing his ground-breaking book, Motivational Marketing, which became a best-seller the day it was released.

What you may not expect from a man with as much knowledge and real-world experience as Robert is that everything he does must meet his high moral standards. He will not sell anything that does not provide real value, nor will he ever use “strong-arm” tactics to sell anything, no matter how much money is on the table.

His clients often remark about his ability to motivate and persuade with a strong sense of honesty and integrity which results in creating life-long customer relationships.

He’s a powerful copywriter who has written thousands of sales letters for his clients as well as web sites, press releases, articles, advertisements for direct mail, radio and television, and more.

He has a strong desire to promote the field of Chiropractic because it aligns perfectly with his beliefs and values in the area of holistic health care.

Over the years, Robert has helped dozens of Chiropractors build their practices, and he has even worked with a Chiropractic training company in creating many of their marketing materials.

He knows the challenges faced by the Chiropractic professional and he has developed many solutions to those challenges.

He formed his current company, Ultimate Wealth, Inc. in the summer of 1999 and has been helping business owners around the world ever since.

Robert combined his years of experience in corporate marketing with his passion for personal development and has since become one of the world’s top business motivators of our time.

He has appeared on both national radio and television and currently delivers live seminars to people around the country. He is currently President and CEO of Ultimate Wealth, Inc.

Robert is a passionate and entertaining speaker as well as a true friend to those who know him best.

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