fade-leftfade-rightSponsoring Our Live Webcast Training Events


Gain exposure to our list of Chiropractors and offer your Chiropractic clients a free live training event that will help them build a more successful practice!

We produce live marketing training webcasts for Chiropractors and we are curently looking to partner with a company that wecan promote to the Chiropractors who watch my training webcasts.

We’ve created a no-cost sponsorship that your company might really appreciate. No money out of pocket, and we will promote your company at the start of the program with a live-read commercial that every viewer will see. This commercial can include a special offer (ie: order within the next 24 hours, take 15% off your order when you use offer code: Save15)

We’ll also put your company logos on all e-mails that are sent out, on the registration page, on the live webcast viewing page – all linked back to your web site.

Plus, during the live webcast event, we can have some of your products strategically placed on the set so you’ll get visibility throughout the live event and of course on the replay too.

What’s the catch?

This is a no-cost offer we’re making to a limited number of companies who are currently doing business with Chiropractors. All we will ask is that you send your Chiropractors an invitation to this live webcast event. We’ll even provide you with a special coupon code you can give to your Chiropractors so that they will able to view the live event free of cost.

Admission to our live webcast events normally sells for $97, but your customers can attend for free. It will be a gift you’re giving them, which they will truly appreciate!

The webcast is a practice-building webcast which is 95% content, and at the very end, I invite the viewers to join my marketing program where they will be provided with additional marketing tools and training to help them grow their practices.

Here are Some Sample Pages: