This is something that should be an easy question to answer, yet, if you’ll look around, you’ll see that the vast majority of people get it wrong!

In case you need a reminder, here it is..

Wealth comes from finding solutions to problems. It does not come from being focused on the problem, it comes from being focused on finding a solution.

This seems rather simple, and if you’ll look for those people, those companies, and those organizations that have their eyes firmly fixated on finding solutions, what you will find are success stories.

Let me bring this idea home for you, if you’ll allow me.

If you are like so many right now who are struggling for security in the face of uncertainty, you will be much better off looking for ways in which you can insulate yourself rather than spending your time moaning and complaining about things.

Still not close enough for you? OK, then try this:

If your business is slow right now, or you’re not seeing the level of sales you’d really like to be seeing, what are you doing about.. TODAY?

Here are some strategies that I have advised my clients to use, and they are reporting results after just a few weeks.

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