This is the Most Effective Marketing Tool of All!

If there’s one marketing element that has helped me become more successful than any other it’s customer testimonials.

Listen, I can rave about just how good I am as a coach all day long, but that will never be enough to convince a new client to hire me as their coach, consultant, or mentor.

But if my clients rave about it, their words have incredible power and more often than not, it’s their words that close the deals, not mine.

Ironically, as a long-time marketer, I can market anybody in any market yet I can’t sell myself! But I can let me customers sell me instead and that’s how I build my business.

If you’re not using testimonials in your marketing, on your web site, in your e-mail messages, you’re leaving the most powerful marketing tool out of the mix!

What’s it costing you to NOT have other people raving about you?

How many more clients would buy from you if only they could hear from people who have already bought from you and who have experienced what you offer and are so happy about it, they can’t wait to tell the world!

Well, I’m writing to you to tell you that there is new, more powerful way to use client testimonials on your web site.

The days of using simple text-only testimonials on your web site are over. There is a new, much more powerful, much more profitable way to put testimonials to work for you, and it’s called “Signature Testimonials.”

Unlike anything else on the web, these testimonials are captured, edited, and presented in very high quality right on any page of your web site. You just have to hear them for yourself to truly understand their real power.

Listen to mine by going to my web site at

Just turn up your speakers and listen to how my clients are raving about what they got from working with me.

Now, these Signature Testimonials have already helped me enroll new clients into my coaching programs, seminars, web casts, and they have even helped me sell more products on my web site.

I’ve also eliminated the need to have potential new clients speak with my past of current clients before making the decision to work with me. Now I simply invite them to listen to my Signature Testimonials and that’s all it takes!

If you’re a coach, a speaker, or if you sell products or services where you are the creator of the products, or the one who delivers the service, you need Signature Testimonials!

If you have clients who are raving fans, you want to use Signature Testimonials so that you let what your clients have to say about you do the selling for you.

Have a look here for more details:

I learned my lesson about using testimonials in my marketing a long, long time ago. I’d spent thousands of dollars in direct mailing a sales letter to possible clients and got not one response! When I added just 2 testimonials to that same letter, I began seeing checks appearing in my mailbox.

From that day forward, I’ve been using testimonials in everything I create for myself or my clients. They work.

They increase your sales, and honestly, I’ve never seen anything quite as good as Signature Testimonials and I’m really excited about putting them to work for my business.

Signature Testimonials are the creation of my friend, Mike Lamb, a long-time professional radio host with a passion for helping businesses.

If you’re looking for a powerful marketing advantage, I suggest you have a close look at what Mike is offering here with his Signature Testimonials.

Go to

I think you’re going to like what you hear…

Be outstanding!
Robert Imbriale
Robert Imbriale
Master Coach

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