I’ve been asking a lot of questions of business owners I  know and meet in my  everyday travels. It seems that some  are doing alright, others are struggling,  and a few say  they are doing great.

What makes the difference?

If you listen to the news, you’d get the impression that  every business is  failing, but that’s not an accurate  assessment of the situation.

Given the choice, I suspect most business owners would  rather be in the category  that say things are great. What  many fail to realize is that what’s separating  the  businesses that are doing great from all the rest is  literally very little  at all.

A business that can successfully navigate the rough economic  waters will not  only thrive now, they will be the leaders  when things once again smooth out.

The trick, if you will, is to be willing to break out of  your old habits, look  for new ways of getting things done,  cut expenses where possible, do more with  less, and  leverage social media as much as possible to reach your  buyers.


When asked, most business owners who have not yet tried to  market using social  media simply sag at it and say “it  doesn’t work.” These same business owners  said that about  paid search too not all that many years ago.

The issue isn’t that it doesn’t work, the real issue is that  it’s a new tool  that requires a new set of skills – in  other words you have to learn something  new.

Those that embrace a chance to learn often find themselves  on the leading edge  of a new trend and tend to benefit  immensely from it. On the other hand, those that choose to  look the other way in the face of something new, do so at  their own peril.

I know that YOU are the type that wants to know how to get  on top and how to  stay there. If you weren’t, you would  probably not be a subscriber to this list.

So let me get back to how to thrive in rough times because  that’s the most  important topic for many people right now.

First, understand that there is no longer any choice – things have changed  dramatically, and so too must you  change your ways in order to keep moving  forward.

What worked fine last year, may not work as well, or at all,  this year.

Second, the good side of this is that we now have many  social media outlets that  are most all free to join and  mostly free to use as a marketing channel.

In my book, social media is the only marketing tool worth  investing your time  with right now. It’s where the people  are. It’s where the energy is. It’s the  cheapest, fastest  way to get your message out in front of the people who want  to  hear it.

And it’s the easiest way for most any business to reach out  to new markets now.

One “trick” you’ve got to learn to master to make social  media not only a good  choice, but literally the only  choice, for your marketing is how to get your  message to go  viral.

In other works social media is about people sharing things  with one another.  Your job is to create items that people  will share.

I’ve created a list of the most important elements that any  message must have in  order to become a viral message. If  you’re a business owner, information  marketer, author,  speaker, coach, you MUST know how to create messages that  will  be shared over and over again.


Doing so will make your marketing expenses disappear as this  the ultimate “word- of-mouth” advertising channel that can  make any business grow quickly.

Over the past year, I’ve done this with chiropractors,  farms, festivals, e- books, hard-cover books, audio  programs, coaching programs, alternative health  care  professionals and many more.

To say it really does work is an understatement. To say  you’re missing out on the  biggest advance in marketing in  the last century would be conservative.

So what do you need to do right now? If you don’t already  have it, grab a copy  of ‘The Facebook Factor’ right now. On  the second audio CD in the program there  is a detailed  list, with clear instruction on how to craft messages that  get  shared.

You’ll learn about the exact pieces that must be in every  message in order for  it to be the kind of message that gets  shared. Even if you only get a few of  these pieces right,  you’re message will take on a life of its own. Get them all  right and you’re message could be seen by millions and  millions of people – all  at absolutely no cost to you.

Unadvertised Bonuses

One more thing. When you place your order, I’m also going to  include 2 valuable  gifts in the package. First, I’m going  to send a special report titled, ‘Do you  have what it takes  to become an entrepreneur.” This report is based on the  teachings of the late Victor Kiam.

Second, I’m going to send you an interview I did with Dan  Kennedy called,  “Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs.” I  don’t know what it is about this  interview but everybody  who hears it gets excited, motivated, inspired, and just  can’t wait to get back to business.


It will be the best $20 you’ll invest in your business this  year.

Be outstanding!
Robert Imbriale
‘The Highly Motivational Marketer’

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